Thursday, 15 September 2011


My Dearest Adrian,

Hoping your day has been perfect...wait does that even exist???? *rolls eyes* Well mine hasn't but I can bet I saw perfection, or atleast something closer.... Dont worry about the title, coz I said 'if' which may never happen...

He is one of the chosen ones...n for him I applaude with all my strength.First time I saw him, thought he was the shady one, the one who got in by luck, the one who walks n swims in the other's know like the lonely boy who sits by himself in class always in bad uniform, funny lunchbox and puts his pens in between books?

The one who carries a sagging bag and always gets outta class the first...the one all the students laugh at coz he cant spell 'pronounciation....wait is that the spelling???? Atleast we got one thing in common.

But I was wrong...why? Oh he just showed up...he is talking to my friend, he has a wig on...we hit small talk n laugh about how he was gay in ana world..he is sad coz he hasn't shot a scene yet....he goes...I stop n stare...

He is dark skinned, not pitch dark that the owls marvel at, that the stars wink at seductively, that the moon lusts at with all its strength... Just dark....smooth...adorable ...

His voice is deep, abit husky almost whisky-ish and very alluring.He would make an awesome presenter ...both TV n radio... He smells like midnight...secret n sinful...very mysterious...I want to peep in and find out what he is hiding, n by all means be a part of it...good or bad.

He knows his fashion, very subtle but edgy n he hates the word swag...I agree, the most overused word in 2010 till now...I like his style simple but speaks alot. Speaks of integrity, clarity, attitude and confidence...tasty morsel of maleness...

He doesn't talk much, always by himself and doesnt bitch at wardrobe guys.He is soft spoken, the kind you get lost in your own dirty naughty world when he speaks to you...coz you sinning in your mind, prolly tearing him apart, and wetting his lips #Idie

He has been hurt before, by a girl ok duuuuh!I gather this from the small talk we have about marriage.. Ok Adrian relax....not freaking you out haha just talk.We were many if that makes you feel secure.. I feel sad, torn n I get him, n guess this girl was an optical nutrition, very shy and smelled good.Thats why he gave her his heart only for her to pulp it...n walk away...

He loves reading, alot alot, he has a book that he sneaks into every break he gets...I bet his English is super...the queen sure does love him. He gives me a passage to read...too deep n powerful...about eternity...only eternity where nothing matters...Im touched, so touched.

He goes on n recomends a book, some Indian book n have forgotten whats it about oh some man, was lost in his eyes, but its a good thing coz now I'll talk to him again... My pal has just disrupted my silky train of thought...I leave it here Adrian as my gals laught at me that he has been taken... But what do I say....IF.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


My Dearest Adrian,

My love, my mind,body n soul...I LOVE YOU!OK this chat is not about love are you tasteful?I have craved for your presence, your closure, your humor, and the way your lips curve seductively when u laughing

I have missed you...whatchu mean I update you?On what my sugar?

Haha, fine you got me...ofcourse I have stuff to tell you...

So now jobo is fine, not coz I'm bumming alot, or eating extremely well, or checking out hot men....PAUSE!

I had to do that...u went silent on me, how was I to nurse my eyes, heart n keep my mind occupied??

Ati you are not jealous?????cmon, boost my ego now ah..ah *niger accent*

my day starts roughly at 8 am...after being picked by the driver to go on set...ok babe hold on to that chat....garra go somewhere

ok was on set watching the chosen ones get into their fake world...

So where were we?ooh yeah then i start salivating for breakfast...silently wishing they dont finish the bacon...which I eat only on such occasions...

The chosen ones are always talking, laughing, stroking each other's egos like a hard dic on soft brown thighs...complaining about ...oh why don't we have sausages clothes are not cool...oh am so sleepy...oh this oh that oh fuck my eyes!

At this point am sitted alone in a corner burning with envy...wanting to belong...yarning to be known and be oogled at...

I get lost in thought...too deep in fairyland whre the name is my name.I pass n everyone turns, you know the kind of girl who wakes up in pink room, with eye blinds on her eyes, switches on her ipod and shouts at the househel as she munches some swiss white chocolates..

Adrian, whats funny?????you know am just saying as a matter of fact I hate white chocuz...

Then my fantasies are interupted by the wiered chic who looks like she played hocus pocus...rem the movie with three witches n a cat?

Im not saying she is a bitch but she can be very mean...literally cut you into pieces...

Ok I know why you laughing...i stole that line from pink hahaha..eeh babes you good with lines...

This goes on n on with me filling in on any small thing that needs to be done...same shit at lunchtime...i plunge into my fairyland as they plunge into theirs...

In the evening am dropped home, puff a cigy n zone out...dreaming about their lives...lives I'd die for Adrian...they are the chosen ones...

But you are my chosen one.

Garra logout coz at this point am so emotional....



Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Have you noticed I have not put my dearest today????

As in nigga what's with the silence?? Did you decide to get over n done with me coz am one of those girls??????

Well guess what butt....I listen to Daughtry too n got to have crammed all the lines...

I'm talking about 'over you'...don't get me started.mxiiii

I'm not kissing ass, so yours can't really smell that good!


Haha...there!Braap I finally get your attention:p

Wait, does that mean yo ass stinks??? *blocks nose with cotton *

Ok seriously I have missed you *moment of complete silence n virtual eye contact*

Phew....breathless...thanks love.

I quit my other job! Taraaaaaaa

Oh you didnt know about it?

Nooo chill, not the one with the flabby smoker n miss-my-hips-totally-lie...

Was that even her name?Ok u butt just refer but yeah...the first tiring one...nothing much to chat about really...I dont feel like talking about it...coz you know what???I JUST DON'T!

Ha that's fully on this one, prolly I'll help flabbie to shed off abit *evil laughter*

Its been a good week, new month learning alot n mostly glad my English is getting classier n know I've been stealing words from some bitch who has a vanity blog...she's cool I guess..

So brace yo lil ass to go gugu gaga in a few months time...If I rem open the notebook lol

Oh no this I have to tell you so you don't dice evry little humor in me....ok wait for it....

When I type 'lol'...HUN I'M BOOOORED!

Since you are all quite on me.. ?N typing shitiously with a mixture of small n caps I'll just leave you to go n blow your nose!!Next time....

Carry a hunkie!!!

P.s my pal just moved in to crush with me...*awkward silence*


Her house burnt down Adrian!!!Nkt, watchu mean why???

Ok its simple...she has no house...her sis kicked her out!Can you bellieve???


Kesho baby kesho

Go blow it off...I think I feel the force its coming with *as I rush to puke at your disgust*


Saturday, 30 July 2011


My Dearest Adrian,

How the hell do I type a whole chat n it disappeared like the hell?????????????????????

It just dint save n now am wount be the same aaargh

So they say imma diva???*rolls eyes* who are they again???

Right we dont give a hoooot!Haha love how you say that *h5*

Who do I think I am?

Are you on cheap asprins?

Why would you ask me this???You are to tell me who I am....n hey am not scared...Im not ready to fight, not that I cant but...its lunch time n am retyping n your nags are not helping!!*flexing muscels*

Word, we have a stalker....can you imagine he is stalking our chats??I know we said our chats are privaten FYI am not on his side just that he has a Doris somewhere who never responds to his letters...sad story n he keeps on, you should check him out...

Wait, you are on his side???

Who are you again???hold up thought we were over this gay suspecions???

Hahah gotcha...ok dear doris get the hell outta our space coz now we fighting....shoo

So now, that was your way of guilty-tripping me???

I'm one of those girls who thinks neck should be spelt as 'nake' I mean why not?N many other terms I cant get into now...

Dont worry me n her Majesty have never met!

I'm one of those girls who tickles her nini to squeez out the tiny drop of urine you know when..

Haha why is your eyebrow raised?Ofcourse you wouldnt know coz you dont have a nini...into which we need to get a name for him..proposing 'nani'

Why you laughing??Ok side bar on this..

Where were we?*scrolling up* oh when you are in a hurry...yeah

Im one of those girls who google viva la vida my goshness!

Im one of those girls whose tears are on strike permanently coz of the living conditions at the buds...they are more than ready to run all the time be it when am watching a movie, deep books, music bla bla bla...

Dont even think about it *Nora Walker's voice*

Im one of those girls who write lines from movies, books, blogs or anything in a notebook and completely forget about them the minute a dot seals the marriage...dumb huh?

Im one of those girls who eat dropped food...

Haaaaaaa, now u eeewwwwing me???

Especially the ones I've dropped...lookatchu analyzing how frequent 'especially' is..

Adrian you are so cute..

Im one of those girls who like having quality time with themselves in bed..

Well...what?..ati am psycho?

Adrian pliz, its not like you've never...

If you know where n how it tickles..why not do it yourself?

Im one of those girls who must fit in...always know wssup. Can you believe I've never watched Big Brother (any) n BBA, Iwaited for guys to tweet then I tweet like I watched...sic ...I know but there is a way. Even songs, books, movies, series...just just

Sidebar two on movies *get ready to piss in your pants*

Im one of those girls who have a FANTASTIC taste of music..

Heeee...wait there before you roll your calling eyes...I will defend myself on this..

So I pretend to like what the so called 'with it' like n only know in fact after they yupp about it...TRUE

At the end of it, Im the one who chooses what to brag about from the songs that make really its what I choose thus my taste...needless to say I've gotten lots of accolades...

Ok now I dont what am saying...some freak is calling me ati its urgent..

What could be so urgent and Obama is still alive??

N guess what *lindsay lohan's voice* he wants a fucking cig?????*awkward silence, breath in the fire n let it pass*

Im one of those girls who make shapes of with her lower lip using her fingers...totally gets me dazed and zoned out...

What now???why you laughing??

Im logging out if you'll go asked for this...rem???

Ati why am saying im one of those girls??

si coz am hoping am not the only one trying to find myself....

Arrrgh seriously will you stop laughing????

Ok, whatever flies your kite....Im logging out..*pressess button*

p.s someone just told me...smoking is a personal dialogue with yourself...Im one of those girls...the only thing I hate about this girl group :-P

Thursday, 28 July 2011


My Dearest Adrian,

Babe am so happy we are now ok!You don't know how much I've been longing for this chat.How are you?Have you eaten???Got so much to tell you n it starts with my title....I need these guys to give me a break!

I'm restraining from calling them suckers coz I do give guys a chance you know...especially new guys in my fake life.Why are you laughing????lol, I told you, its only you who gets to know me...not even myself, n remember always to hold your end of the deal :to tell me who I am...

So now, I switched still new this new place n its a whole different shit I do here...actually learning.I've never set my small puffed eyes on this things n its getting a tad hectic...not that am slow, I mean I learnt how to blog on my phone *blonde moment* oh which explains why I don't have titles on my chats...*scratching chin* but am yet to know...

So now these guys are being mean to me...they expect me to be like them my love!Why can't they be like you??????

Too much negativity n judging going around.They ganged up to say am difficult, n not pro active and sat down blubbering about how I should be given a warning letter *swallows saliva*


Coz I came back from lunch late!Remember how the Rangers kuku n chips got me broke?...stop giggling...well had to go to the bank, no Adrian I don't own an ATM coz I'd make women at massai market rich by the day...its just how I train myself. Clever huh?Now stop giving me the aaawwe look if you want me to finish this.

I understand them, but really to gang up at an innocent soul like me?The worst is some dude I thought is my friend there joined the the way, I did not say am not difficult..true but haven't shown it to any of them n they had no reason of awakening my demons!

Pro active???Maybe not, but coz am learning n gusta ask almost what the fudge baby???

Do you get my drift??Its totally unfair.

There is the lifeistwannabe (honestly I don't know the spelling n left my dic..or its not an English word? *shrug*) who thinks using expensive foundation makes her rich n calm her I'm-living-my-dream-job nerves, she can't let the hairs on my ass rise! She is those double standards chics who pretend to like you n work as a team just coz the boss is blinking her lashes towards her. She is mean...cold hurted...for what's worth I hate her cologne! *puke* smells like a mwalalo!

Still, I'm giving her a chance...

Ok wait...lunch is being served...gimme a few mins my love...

Heeeeey I missed chicken Adrian, while I was busy chatting with you!ION just so you know chicken calms me incase planning to Kenchic me...not that you canlt afford galitos lol.

So where were we...oh now to the flabby smoker...she is a temp but noooo, treating me like a leper.She throws things at me, n not ashamed to call me a P.A...yes love such people exist...but I blame the ghetto she comes from...eeh wait aint against ghetto-ians, but what the hood does to you, who it makes you be whicch is a choice...that she chose before she was farted outta her mom's nini!

Still...I give her a puff *fights craving now*

Then miss my-hips-don't-lie-that-am-shapeless, she appears calm but is a silent bitch.She likes gossip,wonder what shed do if she directed Gossip Girl,,,,waah si wed know who 'Gossip Girl' is by scene one!

Still, I exchange a few mother tongue terms with her...

The rest I will tell you as we progress...for now hocus pocus witches will do...

Did you notice they are mamaz?Yes, that's why I hate chics, n why love boys...less drama!N you my love is the best...

I think, I'll move from the project to ana one, the one I was actually coming for n wanted for so happy for me...ok garra go

Just had a nice talk with some lady...I think we need to talk about her someday, she has life!!

Weee ebu late me go...hocus pocus on my nake...
Yaaay I know how I missed my titles...*doing the rain dance*